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Range Hand Meat Co.
To Consistently produce the best cuts of meats for you to enjoy cooking in your own home, we make you these promises
  • We guarantee to deliver you the highest quality proteins.
  • We guarantee that every piece of meat we offer you is raised by smart farming methods that prioritize sustainable, all natural and humane animal husbandry over mass production.
  • We guarantee that we’ll only source all-natural products so you need never worry about being exposed to artificial ingredients or methods of production.
  • We guarantee that your protein will be the highest quality of meat achievable because of the expert care we give it at every step.
Range Hand Meat Co.
All our beef is a result of the finest bred cows handled with utmost care, Your wellbeing is our priority!
Range Hand Meat Co.
Our Meat Experts offer you with Wholesome, Fresh and Trimmed meat with cashback guarantee.
Read What our Clients say

“I received my delivery today. The meat packaging is all stamped with a USDA establishment number which means it comes from ie has been ground/processed and packaged in a federally inspected (United States Department Of Agriculture- USDA) facility that is under external inspection on a daily basis. You don’t get safer than this. I owned and operated USDA processing plant for years, the USDA inspectors are very thorough. The ground beef looks great and I cannot wait to try it”  – RICK RUSSELL


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